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12 cool ideas for using vodka for other purposes


Each product in addition to its direct destination can be used in alternative ways so that they bring even more benefits. Of course, vodka can not be called a product that benefits our body and we do not in any way force you to use it, but it can be used in other areas.

Then you will find 12 unusual tips for using vodka not for their intended purpose, but for domestic purposes.


This is surprising, but vodka can be used to make a cool, airy dough with a crispy crust. You will need a small amount of strong drink. And it is worth it. Just add 1 tablespoon of vodka to the dough - it will replace the baking powder and evaporate in the baking process, making your cake fluffy and appetizing.

The same applies to dough for pancakes or brushwood. Be sure to try this life hacking. The result will please you.


Everyone has their own secrets of marinating meat for kebabs. And there are a lot of marinades. How to make meat even tastier? Add a shot of vodka to the marinade. This will help make pork or beef even more tender and tasty.

Fish Soups

A cool ear should be able to cook. We know a secret that will help you significantly improve the taste of a popular fish soup. At the final stage of cooking soup, add half a glass of vodka and let the soup simmer for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy your meal!


Vodka contains alcohol, which means that such a drink is ideal for cleaning glasses and other surfaces made of this material. A forty-degree drink effectively removes the smallest dust particles that are usually so hard to get rid of. Instead of pure vodka, you can use a solution of vodka with water in the ratio of 1 to 3.

Cold pack

Vodka can be useful for bruises and burns. Prepare a cold compress and always keep it ready in the fridge. Mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup of vodka, pour the mixture into a zip fastener bag and send to the freezer. If necessary, apply a compress to the hurt place and hold it for a while. It is not disposable, such a compress can be easily frozen again.


Every person dreams of a luxurious shiny hair. To achieve it is not so easy. If you have tried all conceivable and inconceivable ways, and there is no result, then you should try our technique. Mix the amount of shampoo you need for one shampoo with a shot of vodka. Hair will shine.


The patch was invented to protect the cuts and sores on human skin from unnecessary damage. However, to remove it, as a rule, it is not so easy and painless. Surely everyone managed to see this on personal experience. Treat the surface of the patch with a cotton swab dipped in vodka. You can remove it without any extra effort and pain.


With the help of vodka, you can extend the life of a razor. Soak the razor in a glass of vodka. This will help prevent rust. A razor will last you longer. In addition, this technique disinfects and cleans the razor well.


Do you want jewelry to always look like new and beautifully glitter? It works the same mechanism as in the previous paragraph. Soak the jewelry in a vodka bowl. Do not overdo it - it will be enough to hold them in vodka just 5 minutes.


On furniture and metal surfaces there can be stains that spoil the overall picture and are not at all pleasing. How to get rid of them? Pour into a spray solution of water and vodka. Spray on surfaces that require immediate cleaning, and wipe dry with a dry cloth.


The above solution can be used not only as a cleaning agent for furniture. Spray them on the insoles of your shoes. So you kill germs that cause an unpleasant smell. And this problem is often found modern active person. Remember that such a measure is suitable only as a prevention of unpleasant odors. If the problem is running, then you will need more money.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers pleases the eye. So you want flowers to stand in a vase longer. We know a way to extend the life of your bouquet and stretch happiness for a while. Add to the water, which are flowers, a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vodka. Update this solution daily. Then your flowers will bloom longer.