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How to turn an open shelf into a bright accent of the interior, and not into a dust collector


Currently, light open shelves occupy a leading position in all design ideas and trends. After all, they perfectly unload space, and with their help you can create a unique interior.

We will reveal all the tricks with which you can maintain order on the open shelves, without being afraid to make a dust collector out of them, and show you how to create an original art object from a regular rack.

Several options for open shelves in the interior.

Feel the difference!

No matter what expensive wood a large massive wardrobe is made of and no matter how deceived by the fact that it does not collect dust on its closed shelves, it is better to refuse it, especially if you are the owner of a small apartment or studio. Because its ability to absorb the visual area will just put pressure on you.

These shelves will help unload the visual space of the kitchen.

Pay attention to the open shelf or rack, try to "play" with their location. Feel how the space of your room will be unloaded, and all your favorite things will occupy a worthy place.

Do not overload the shelves with items and accessories.

The main thing is not to overdo it with their number and not to make chaos on the shelves.

Need to properly distribute items on the shelves.

And also adhere to the basic principle of placing things:

- The heaviest and most voluminous things need to be put on the lower shelves;
- leave the uppermost shelves for fragile items;
- stick with the arrangement of decorative things "rules of three objects."

This original shelf will be a bright accent in any room.

1. Hide the books' backs or put them in the boxes.

You can put the books in the original box.

Several options for placing books on the open shelves.

If you are a lover of live reading, and books occupy a dominant place on the shelves, then to keep them in order, the designers advise to use low boxes or wicker baskets. In them, place the books in the way you prefer to use them. Such a solution will significantly save space and, not least, dust will become much easier to clean.

Try to use the original version of the arrangement of books - "not for everyone."

If you just inherited the library and you are not an avid book reader, then use the original “not for everyone” technique - hide the book's roots just by placing them against the wall of the shelf. Look books will be very unusual and impressive, which probably will be the main intrigue and highlight of the interior.

2. Add air and space

Better to leave some shelves empty.

Designers are often advised to be inspired by ... emptiness, because this is the most effective way to make the interior more exclusive. Such a technique, as well as possible, works with the decor of open shelves and racks. After all, the space left always adds air and some intrigue to the interior.

Empty shelves visually divide placed objects.

Of course, empty shelves help to visually divide already placed objects and will not create littering of the open area.

In order not to leave empty shelves, you can choose such an original design.

There are cases when empty shelves are an unaffordable luxury, then divide the separated accessories with the help of closed shelves or bulk boxes. Such a technique will visually smash the area, which will allow everything to be placed, and there will not be a heap.

3. Create original designs from several rows

Creating two-level constructions will always emphasize the necessary thing.

One of the unpretentious, but very interesting design tricks - the arrangement of objects in several rows. To do this, it is enough to put small objects or statuettes on a pile of books, and unusual candles can be placed in candlesticks.

Use this design trick to highlight the most exclusive thing.

You can create variations yourself, but don’t get carried away, or else you will achieve the sensation of real chaos and complete bedlam. Such a solution will make it possible to single out small accessories and make them more meaningful and noticeable.

Focus on the crafts of your child.

This trick works well if you want to pay special attention to things made with your own hands or your child.

4. Arrange objects symmetrically

In such an open cabinet, it is better to place objects symmetrically.

One of the simplest, but at the same time very effective techniques to make the rack stylish - use the "mirror principle". To do this, place on two single-level shelves, located on the right and left side of the display case, the same or very similar to each other accessories in color and shape.

In the children's room, symmetry will give a special cleanliness and order.

For this arrangement, you can use a pair of vases, figurines, baskets, boxes, or an unusual candle shape.

5. Using the front of the rack

At the end of the front of the rack you can hang a vintage mirror.

The original and very practical design trick completely changes all stereotypes. We all used to put pictures or pictures on the shelves of an open rack. Well, if the same items hang on ... the facade?

The picture on the facade of the open rack.

Such a new and extraordinary solution will always attract attention and turn your open shelving into a very bright and extraordinary art object. In this case, the shelves for a picture or photo can be very efficiently used. After all, objects will be securely closed from human eyes, and you can put there not very aesthetic, but very necessary things. The main thing is to make sure that the objects hidden behind the picture you can easily get.

6. Using the rack to separate zones

The original partition with an open rack.

A very practical design advice for studio apartments or small rooms - dividing zones using shelves or through shelving.

With the help of partition shelves can be divided zones.

Rack-partition is a practical and very useful attribute of a modern interior, because it adds sophistication and comfort, making the room more comfortable and multifunctional.

Beautiful white shelving as a partition.

Due to the fact that it does not have a back wall and doors, the rack is almost imperceptible and completely transparent, it does not clutter up the visual space and creates a feeling of lightness.

Such a rack-bar counter will surprise your guests.

Its most important advantage is the ability to organize very isolated functional zones with clearly defined boundaries.

Multi-level shelving will be the highlight of your interior.

It is not necessary to build partitions to the ceiling, it is enough to install it at a certain level, which will allow you to create the illusion of a separate room, or simply cover the detachable part of the room.

7. Rationally utilize all usable space.

For small spaces, use phantom shelves.

Designers always use such a rule when decorating small apartments, because in small squares you need to use all the possibilities. It is no secret that every family is overgrown with a huge amount of objects and things that you cannot always part with, but keep them somewhere.

You can use every free corner.

It is here that various hinged shelves and racks, which are easy to attach on any free vertical surface, will come to the rescue.

Any corner can be decorated with a shelf.

They perfectly fit all the necessary and not very objects, which makes it possible to keep the apartment in order.

Two in one - hanger and shelf for spices.

8. Focus attention

Elegant shelves in modern style.

Any shelf, if you hang it in the right place and add a bit of your inspiration, can turn your interior into a very original creation.

Unusually shaped shelf for the living room.

And if to create a bright accent you can buy a shelf or make a non-standard shape with your own hands, overwhelming success will be guaranteed.

Skate shelves for baby rooms.

The following selection of interesting design ideas and design of such an ordinary piece of furniture will help you to make sure that even a small detail can turn into an exclusive art object.

High-tech shelves.

Even an old guitar can be adapted under the shelves.

Practical shelf in the room teenager.

Stylish shelf - the main decoration of the interior.

Very practical and original look open shelves in the bathroom.

Transformer shelf in the form of a deer.

Shelves from a metal lattice look very original.

For lovers of all non-standard.

If there is no place for flowers on the windowsill.

Whatever idea you get lit up, the most important thing is always remember that open shelves or racks are the "showcase" of your entire interior, and it is designed to attract attention and decorate it.

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