Useful ideas

20 funny pieces that will become indispensable helpers in your kitchen


The kitchen is the place where a person spends a considerable part of his time, and as it should be the main place in the house, it should be not only comfortable, but also equipped with various useful gadgets that will facilitate the life of the hostess, and at the same time all households.

It seems that the brainy designers have already implemented all possible ideas that a creative person can come up with, but no, they continue to delight and amaze us with new kitchen gadgets and adaptations, some of which we would like to share with you.

Cooking container

It looks very strange, but it will help to keep the vegetables inside while you are boiling them or steaming them.

"Pen" that draws spices

As an "ink", you can add any spices and easily decorate a cappuccino with cinnamon or a cake with icing sugar.

A device that determines the freshness of food

If the freshness of chicken or meat makes you doubt, this thing will help confirm or dispel them.

Modern boiler

Looks like a normal rod. It will warm any liquid: tea, coffee, soup - while you are doing more useful things.

With this toaster, your toasts will never burn

You can always pull out the toasts as soon as they get the perfect color for you.

"Personal bartender"

The device will prepare your favorite cocktail on demand and in just five seconds!

Cups, reflecting the drawing of a saucer

Now pick a cup to the saucer easier than ever.

Stretched food packaging

Safe and convenient plastic bag replacement - stretch food wrap for packaging any products.

Cordless cutting board

The unusual cutting board connected to the iPad allows you to make accurate measurements: it counts calories, shows the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients in products and even helps to achieve the goal in the field of nutrition.

A machine that brews tea

Coffee machine a long time ago will not surprise anyone, but what about tea? This machine sucks air out of a container of water and tea leaves and changes pressure. They say that tea prepared in this way is very different from that brewed in the usual way.

Smart pan

The pan will always tell you what the right temperature should be and when the contents need to be mixed or turned over so that the food will be as tasty as a professional chef (or your mom's).

Pocket coffee machine

With this miniature coffee machine you can make a hot espresso cup, no matter where you are.

Knives to sharpen every 25 years

"Yes, yes, you need to remember to put a reminder on the phone."

Hand Sterilizer

The principle is the bactericidal action of the UV lamp. Goodbye microbes!

Trash bin with sensor

It's simple: it opens when you hold your hand up. Very comfortable, isn't it?

Start cooking dinner before you leave the office.

With the help of a special application and this device you can start cooking at any time. You are returning home - and you are already waiting for a hot, aromatic dinner.

Flexible lunchbox

Keep any of your sandwiches intact.

Vertical cooking system

The easiest and fastest way to cook an omelet (or cinnamon buns, or pizza). Perhaps it will look a bit strange ... but very tasty.

A device that will help keep food frozen

Now you can not worry that your ice cream will melt while you eat it.

Cup with display

A special electronic ink display is mounted in the cup that works on the temperature of the liquid poured into the cup. Therefore, each time you pour hot water into it, one or another picture will appear on the display. You can even leave messages to family members!