Useful ideas

When a small kitchen - it does not matter: the ideas of excellent solutions for "Khrushchev"


Most people who have an apartment in their property will unanimously say:

"I am the owner of a small kitchen." At first glance, the "happiness" in this fact, of course, is not enough. However, is it really that bad?

Even in such a situation, you can find an elegant solution, and when it comes to kitchen design, there will be more than one solution.

1. "Secret" urn and urn under the tabletop

The easiest thing to do.

It can be like this.

Here is a great idea for the hostess.

A garbage bin in the kitchen is something that often takes an unreasonably large amount of free space. It is best to trash somewhere "hide" for easy-opening door. There are also interesting options for organizing the tabletop, when a small hatch with a button is made above the trash can: one press and all food residues are already in the bucket.

2. "Crouching" countertops

Retractable countertops save space.

Great solution for a small kitchen.

Save space right.

Retractable countertops and folding worktops can be an excellent option to save space in the kitchen. Most importantly, this is one of those areas where the flight of fantasy is limited only by the thickness of the tree and wallet used.

3. Corner and pull-out wardrobes

It is very convenient.

The corners should work.

Even between the refrigerator and the closet you can put this.

The space remaining between the items of kitchen furniture, as well as the corners, can be rationally used by installing corner cabinets and pull-out cabinets there. Is there a lot of space between the furniture and the fridge? Perhaps there will be a closet for some little things. Do not forget about the possibility of using shelves, especially in the corners of the room.

4. Organization of the place around the car wash

Around the sink the whole place should also be used wisely.

Washing in the kitchen is one of those places that often uses absolutely not rational. Turn on the fantasy, get acquainted with a few examples, think about what else you can add here to make effective use of the space.

5. Sliding sections and platforms

Here you can put a lot of things.

It will not be very difficult to make such a section.

All this will allow you to effectively use every centimeter.

Furniture in the kitchen is made to order? Then do not forget about the use of such a design element as pull-out sections and platforms. They will not only allow you to store any useful (and not very) trifle, if properly planned, a good platform will allow you to store household appliances, taking it away somewhere deep into the kitchen, thereby freeing up space.