Useful ideas

How to zone the space in the room with the help of interior partitions


Room dividers are a trend that will never go out of style.

Owners of small apartments fully agree with this. After all, with the help of partitions, you can intelligently zone the space, visually separating it to your liking.

Interior partitions perform not only practical, but also an aesthetic function. See for yourself!

1. Partition for zoning space in the bedroom

An example of a multifunctional wooden fence that will help in the formation of the internal space of the apartment.

2. The most effective partition for the bedroom

An interesting version of a wooden barber in the bedroom, which will give extra warmth and comfort.

3. Partition rack

The original and modern example of a successful zoning of space using an interior partition.

4. Traditional wooden construction

Decorative wall of wooden slats with unusual light conductivity.

5. Studio apartment

Traditional wooden partitions allow you to create a cozy and functional layout in a modern studio.

6. Glass partition in the bedroom

The glass wall in the interior of the bedroom is an original and modern solution.

7. False wall in the interior

Bedroom and entrance hall, decorated in pastel colors, divided by a shelving that fits perfectly into the interior space.

8. Construction of wooden slats

The partition in the bedroom, which, thanks to the translucent panel of wooden slats, creates an unusual atmosphere.

9. The partition, which is very popular

Efficient wooden partition that continues to gain popularity.

10. One-stop solution for the bedroom

The wooden partition in the interior of the bedroom can be left in a classic color, which will create the most simple and practical design.

11. Transforming space with a wooden barrier

Panel of wooden slats, which will create a modern visual barrier in the interior.

12. Oriental style

A wooden partition in a small room is an integral part of most trendy design projects.

13. Fixed wood panel

The design of a stationary wooden partition, which is widely used during the construction of small premises.

14. Bamboo partition

The original oriental-style partition, which can be made from raw bamboo trunks.

15. Interroom partition

Wooden partition, which will become an integral part of the modern interior.

16. Practical use of the sliding partition

With the help of a partition one can minimally transform the space without cardinal intervention into the configuration of the room.

17. Sliding floor

With the help of a sliding partition between the bedroom and a small living room, you can create a room that will become one.

18. Do-it-yourself drywall bulkhead

Interroom stationary design, which will be an excellent addition to the minimalist interior.

19. Interior glass ceiling

The glass partition can not only optimize the space, but also set a certain unique style for the whole interior.