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How to decorate the house with your own hands: 65 photos, inspirational ideas and workshops


In this article we will talk about how to decorate your home with your own hands. Our master classes will help you to realize ready-made ideas, and a selection of photos with lots of cool decorations will help you to get inspired to create your own.

A wreath for decorating the front door with flowers and a funny rabbit. Suitable for decoration for Easter or just for spring decor

Snow theme for the winter decor of the living room and dining room: fluffy feathers and paper snowflakes

Undoubtedly, accessories play a big role in interior design: vases, interesting details, multi-colored decorative pillows, figurines, etc. So that they do not become simple "dust collectors", it is not necessary to invite a designer. With this task, if desired, you can handle yourself. Here the main thing is to sustain the decorations in a single style that would not stand out from the general interior of the room or the whole house.

Fashionable bedspreads from giant yarn successfully decorate both bedrooms and sofas in the living rooms.

In addition, each room needs an individual solution. For example, such frivolous decorations as decorative brooms amulets, fruits, wicker baskets will not work for a living room. These accessories will look better as a kitchen decor.

Christmas decor for living and dining

We sew a decorative pillow for the living room

One of the most functional decorations for the living room are pillows (see photo). In addition, they have a great aesthetic value. They can be made of both contrasting materials, and be matched to the main color of the interior. Such decorative pillows can be made by hand. Even the beginning needlewoman will cope with it.

Unusual handmade decorative pillow, embroidered with metal buttons

Almost any material you like will be suitable for making pillows, but it must meet certain criteria:

Decorative pillows in the shape of a heart and arrows, embroidered with sequins. Patterns for these are easy to draw even for a beginner, since they are completely symmetrical

Having decided on the material, proceed to the selection of the shape of the pillow. It all depends on your personal preferences, as well as the interior of the room. So, if it is kept in a strict classical style, then pillows in patchwork style will be inappropriate.

Most popular pillow shapes:

  1. square;
  2. round;
  3. rectangular.

We turn to the tailoring of pillows.

Decorative pillow with hand-sewn felt mistletoe Christmas wreath

Tip! The most successful seam for sewing covers and pillowcases will be linen. Details are combined and sew face up. Carefully iron, then sew them down. The crumbling edge of the material will thus be inside the seam. This protects it from shedding.

Another original idea for unusual vases in the living room: his own cozy cozy warm covers

Such a unique patchwork world map will look great in a bedroom or living room in boho style

Master class for children

Children's room gives a huge choice for imagination and realization of ideas, because children love bright and original things. And if you bring them to perform simple crafts under your leadership, then this process will turn into a real game.

Consider some ideas on how to make a toy with your own hands. It will become not only an original decoration for the children's room, but also a true friend for your child.

These cute toys can be sewn with your own hands for a child.

Materials you will need:

  • fabric of two colors (it is desirable to choose the one that does not sit down when washing);
  • sewing supplies;
  • buttons;
  • a filler (the synthetic winterizer will approach).

Tip! Pick up the pattern in advance or make it yourself to make the toy more accurate.

Then cut the pattern and transfer it to the material. In order to make a toy ears, nose and legs, you can use a fabric of a different color, you can contrast.

Patterns for soft toys with photos above.
Fig. one

Patterns for soft toys with photos above.
Fig. 2

Sew the details of soft toys

We perform grinding of parts of the head with your own hands. The front of the head consists of three parts. We grind the front and back parts, not forgetting the insertion of pre-prepared ears. We stuff a toy with filler gradually, when assembling individual parts. And you get a toy, as in the photo above.

Toy rabbits are made of thread pompons even easier.

Decorations for a private house

Seasonal Autumn Porch Decor

You can come up with a lot of decor options with paving and facade tiles, and even now decorations for the house of concrete are very fashionable. Partial coloring of such jewelry in gold color, as in the photo, was popularized by Scandinavian designers.

If you have a private house, then you have the greatest scope for the implementation of their ideas. Indeed, imagination is where to roam over a large area of ​​the cottage. An additional field of activity is the exterior of the house: a roof, a porch, a courtyard, a fence, etc. How to decorate them, you can look at the photo or on the video below.

Especially beautiful your home can be decorated for the New Year.

Luxury dining room decor for New Year's celebration

Christmas table setting

Non-dull and positive modern Easter decor

Ideas on how to decorate your birthday party

Here, your fantasy can properly roam. After all, when decorating a house for any event, especially for a birthday, you can neglect the need to respect the compliance with the interior: anyway, after the holiday, the decoration will be “dismantled”.

Perhaps the most popular home decoration for a birthday party are balloons. It is better to choose not ordinary balloons, which will be sad to hang on the door, but filled with helium (see photo).

Helium balloons decorated with bright neon giant beads

You can do it cheaply in almost any gift store. With such colorful balloons you can beautifully decorate a large sign with a birthday greeting and hang this festive masterpiece, for example, on the wall.

To make such a decoration for balloons, as in the photo above, you will need: floral foam in the form of balloons, paint, a sponge for applying paint, a large needle. Needle length should be greater than the diameter of the largest of floristic foam balls

Colored paper wall decoration for Valentine's Day

Paper Home Decorating Ideas

We offer an original version of the decoration, for which you will need the following:

  • decorative paper;
  • ribbons, lace;
  • tissue for the decoration of paper for the interior;
  • Photo;
  • various materials at hand.

With these simple materials you can beautifully decorate any piece of furniture, but we offer to decorate an old, unnecessary suitcase. This will be an unexpected solution for the interior of the living room or bedroom, or kitchen. And, besides, will serve for storage of various things.

Just gently paste the outside of the suitcase with paper and cloth. To decorate it, you can randomly glue photos, and decorate the edges with ribbons, braid, lace. Such a suitcase decorated with paper can be made in any style (see photo).

A decorative suitcase for interiors in the style of Provence or Chebbi Chic can be made by pasting it with suitable wallpaper, napkins or magazine clippings. Depending on the materials, a suitable technique is chosen.

Volumetric wall decoration can be made using the technique of quilling

Geometric paper wall decoration: abstract plot from volumetric pyramids of muted colors

Another interesting way to decorate a room is a panel with notes. To do this, you will need a dense fabric of a noble look or dark colored paper. Attach it to the wall and stick stickers on it (of any desired shape, for example, in the form of tree leaves). Every time when you will receive guests, you can invite them to write on the leaves of their wishes, goals, dreams or wishes for your family.

There are so many ideas for a board with notes and photos. One of them - with the use of metal mesh

Flower garland with LEDs, suitable for everyday room decor

Paper pompons

No less interesting paper craft can be made in the form of pompons. Materials that we need:

  • colored tissue paper;
  • scissors;
  • thread.

First we lay several layers of paper on top of each other. We collect them in the form of an accordion.

Tip! The more sheets, the more pompom will be.

You can decorate your birthday house with such big pompons.

Tie the middle of the sheet with a thread, while not tightening it. The ends of the thread should be long enough so that the decoration can then be easily hung. The edges of the accordion can be cut in a semicircle or triangle. Straighten each sheet of accordion separately. After that, proceed to straightening and stretching each layer separately. And you get such a cute pompom.

Hanging homemade toys from paper and scrap materials

Unique frame for wall mirror made by sticking painted disposable plastic spoons on a plywood base

Paper dahlia

On how to make flowers out of paper, look at the video.

Ideas how to decorate your home beautifully - a great many. You just have to choose those that are more suitable for your interior.

Simple hanging toys for decorating the house for Easter