Useful ideas

18 tricks, seeing that, you say: "This is brilliant!"


All kinds of life hacking have already taken their honored place in our life. Despite this, new ways to make our lives easier appear in the global network almost daily.

we We are sharing with you a selection of fresh, life hacking, bordering on the genius of Internet users.

Are you too hungry or are you expecting surprise guests? Now you can cook two pizzas at the same time!

Simply cut the pizzas in half and place them on the baking tray in the indicated way.

Cut pepper correctly

First, cut off the ends of your vegetable, and then hold the knife clearly in the middle.

Get rid of excess oil

Pour some rice into each depression of the cake pan.

Use an apple cutter not only for apples

This simple way you get the perfect slices of potatoes, from which come out great chips.

Making refreshing cocktails for a summer party right in the watermelon

Cut a hole in the berry in such a size that a mixer or a blender can freely enter, add the necessary ingredients and mix everything thoroughly.

Use two plates to quickly cut several cherry tomatoes at once.

The same method can be cut olives, grapes and cherries.

A paper towel will help you keep the salad leaves fresh and crispy.

Just cover them with your greens and leave for a while. The towel will absorb all the excess moisture and retain the freshness of green leaves for a long time.

Do you like tangerines and oranges? We will teach you to clean them quickly and gently.

Cut the top and bottom of the fruit, and then carefully cut the skin along one side and gently unfold.

Freeze in the form for ice ready coffee

Dip the resulting cubes in warm milk, you can enjoy a delicious cold coffee, cooked in less than a minute.

We clean the mango with ordinary glass

Cut the mango into three pieces and smoothly slide each of them along the edge of the glass beaker. And no more juice and sticky fingers!

Quickly and effortlessly clean the kiwi with a spoon

First, cut off the ends of the fruit, and then gently stick a spoon under the peel and just turn the kiwi around its axis. Repeat the same steps from the other end, and the result will surprise you!

Warm glass will help you instantly defrost frozen oil

Cover the frozen piece with a glass and the oil will thaw for 1-2 minutes.

We get double benefit from a usual tray under cookies

Pour some milk into one of the compartments and enjoy the dessert.

Easily separate the egg yolk from the white with a plastic bottle

Press on the yolk with the open neck of an empty bottle and squeeze it slightly.

Empty ketchup bottles or sauce can gain a second life.

Use them as a test dispenser when frying pancakes or pancakes.

We cut vegetables in advance, put them in vacuum bags and store them in the refrigerator or freezer

This way you will always have freshly chopped vegetables on hand and you can quickly use them.

Using a straw is much easier to get rid of the strawberry stem.

All that is required of you is to pass the straw through the berry.

We use the easiest way to peel banana peel

Just clamp the top of the banana, and it will open itself.