Useful ideas

15 inspirational interior ideas to help you feel happy at home


A house is not only a certain number of square meters, but also a place where the day begins and ends.

Therefore, it is extremely important what feelings the stay in your own home causes.

We share ideas that will help make the home a source of powerful positive emotions.

1. Freedom of natural light

Bright interior - the most comfortable.

Each of us is familiar with the depressed emotional state that comes with the arrival of the autumn-winter season. Scientists have found that the reason for this is hidden in the decrease in the length of daylight hours. Sunlight has a powerful positive effect on the human body. Clear the way for the light that enters the house from the street - remove the high furniture and plants from the windows, replace the dense fixed curtains with light and mobile ones. A barrier to sunlight and becomes a layer of dust on the glass panes. Washing windows at least twice a year is a must.

2. The importance of a first impression

Comfortable and thoughtful interior design hallway.

Most often, the entrance hall is for some reason not perceived as a full-fledged part of the living space. As a result, the room turns into a warehouse of unnecessary things. Do not forget that the first impression is the strongest, and the hallway is what we see immediately after entering the house. Therefore, the interior design of the hallway is no less important than the arrangement of other rooms.

3. Darkness is a deep sleep friend.

Curtains, blinds or curtains are required in the bedroom.

The hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the onset of fatigue, is more actively produced in the dark. The more tired a person feels, the faster he falls asleep. Therefore, take care of the possibility to regulate the intensity of lighting in the bedroom. Especially if in the immediate vicinity of the windows are street lamps or luminous signs.

4. Fresh wind of change

Pleasant aroma in the house is very important.

Plants add comfort homely atmosphere.

Communicating with animals is a win-win solution for those who lack positive emotions at home. But getting a pet is not the best solution for busy or often absent people. Compromise option can be live plants. Among them are many species that require minimal maintenance, for example, succulents. If this option also seems too energy-consuming, then put a vase in a prominent place and make it a rule that it should always contain at least one fresh flower.

6. To the kitchen - with a clear conscience

The minimalist kitchen is easiest to keep clean.

The kitchen is a room that is the real epicenter of the mess. Watching dirty dishes or scattered food packages in the morning is a dubious pleasure. Therefore, make it a rule before bedtime to restore order in the kitchen. Of course, we are talking about everyday surface cleaning, not general cleaning.

7. Tidy bed

Laconic sleeper arranges the interior.

As you start the day, so spend it. Therefore, get into the habit of the first action, performed in the morning, to make the bed making. So the subconscious receives a clear signal that the day to come will be active and orderly. In addition, it is much more pleasant to rest on the beds made during the day or in the evening when you don’t feel like sleeping.

8.Small breakdowns - big annoyance

The house where everything works smoothly is a source of positive.

In each house there are minor breakdowns - a leaking tap, a broken door handle, a badly opening drawer ... Interaction with these objects requires additional efforts and causes irritation. Do not wait until they fail completely. Allocate a few hours to repair small things, and at the end of his stay in the house will be much more pleasant.

9. Nook private corner

Compact relax corners.

Among everyday fuss it is important to take time to dive into your inner world. Make it work in a cozy nook, furnished in accordance with personal preferences. Even if a large area is not included in the list of advantages of a dwelling, it will still be possible to create a personal relaxation zone. Options - many. Dressing table with your favorite toiletries, a place to read on a wide windowsill, a comfortable chair next to the mini-coffee table ...

10. Public Relations

Cozy place for guests.

For most of us, good relationships with others make us feel happy. So try to meet and make friends with the neighbors. Even a couple of formal phrases you will exchange on the landing will significantly improve your mood. If close communication with neighbors is not part of your plans, then at least try not to enter into conflicts with them.

11. Natural environment

Interiors, dominated by natural materials.

Even the inveterate inhabitant of a megacity sometimes misses measured life outside the city. But regular trips to nature are available to a minority. A simple way to get closer to it - use natural materials in the decoration and decoration of the house. This interior solution will allow a little to join the atmosphere of natural serenity.

12. Space for healthy habits

Kitchen, where everything is at hand.

It is not worth talking in detail about the impact of healthy eating on the quality of life, since this fact is well known. Therefore, simply equip your home so that implementing the right eating habits was as easy as possible. Sweets in the vase in the kitchen can be replaced with fresh fruit, and on the windowsill - to grow greens to the table. It is useful and modern household appliances designed for the preparation of healthy food - yogurt maker, juicer, steamer. Put them in a visible place, not on the far shelf, and use them as often as possible.

13. Grant Elements

A biofuel fireplace is suitable for a city apartment.

The proximity to the elements of nature gives a feeling of inner harmony. To move to the lake or to equip houses with a fireplace is a radical solution that not everyone can realize. So pay attention to the original home decor. Thus, the murmur of a miniature fountain installed on a coffee table is relaxing. For the more active, the flames of the desktop fireplace are always in motion. The super-compact dimensions of such a fireplace make it possible to use it even in a regular apartment.

14. Happy memories to touch.

Wall filled with photos.

Modern man has gigabytes of photos on electronic media. But these virtual archives are revised extremely rarely. Although this practice can be an excellent source of positive emotions. Therefore, we recommend to provide a place in the interior for trifles that cause pleasant associations. It can be family photos, holiday souvenirs, gifts from loved ones.

15. Spray green and yellow

Yellow accents in the interior.

The effect of color on the psycho-emotional state of a person has long been proven by scientists. Yellow and green are considered to be leaders in terms of positive effects on mood. It is not necessary to paint the furniture or the wall in these colors. It will be enough just to add a few yellow or green details to the interior design. Stay clean and bright colors.