Useful ideas

How to create comfort in the "Khrushchev" and not only: practical ideas and tips on the situation of housing


Many dream of beauty, order and comfort in their own apartment, but often do not know where to start.

Then it will not be superfluous to use practical tips and ideas on the arrangement of the family nest, which, without much effort and expense, will help to transform the living conditions, making them truly comfortable and cozy.

1. For owners of Khrushchev note

Studio apartment in bright colors and shades - ideal for a small living space.

Multifunctional furniture will help free the apartment from unnecessary elements.

Unfortunately, most of us can not boast of a large living space, but this is not a reason to despair and give up. It is enough to use a couple of tips on arranging a small apartment:

- Avoid massive objects and heavy things;
- make the windows as open as possible;
- purchase multifunctional furniture;
- pay special attention to the walls and floor (choose the most light colors and shades for interior decoration).

2. Comfort in the nursery

We create comfort in the nursery.

Will help to create a cosiness in this room small details. It is enough to get a cute rug or decorate the wall with a cute picture.

First of all, the children's room should be bright and spacious. And in order to maintain cleanliness, order and a cozy atmosphere in it, it’s enough to take a few practical advice:

- As a rule, it is all the necessary furniture: a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a shelf, a bedside table and a small chest of drawers;
- we surely allocate a place for toys;
- we decorate the walls with posters, funny pictures or pictures, and the floors with small colored rugs.

The color scheme of this room should be sustained in bright colors. This will help give the interior lightness.

One of the main provisions of comfort in the living room - space. All the most important items must be arranged and be nearby.

First of all, we pay special attention to the color palette, preferring light, warm tones and shades. This will visually expand the space, making it lighter and more spacious. Also pay attention to the elements of decor:

- decorative pillows;
- a floor lamp on a high leg;
- cute trinkets;
- plants.

4. Comfort in the hallway

In order to create an atmosphere of household warmth, the corridor can be additionally equipped with shelves with various trinkets.

Another way to free the corridor and get rid of unnecessary things - the right furniture.

To achieve a cozy atmosphere in the hallway just choose the right furniture, thanks to which you can easily place all the necessary things. So:

- wall shelves, hangers and other accessories, which in addition to the functionality, in addition, perform the role of decor;
- multifunctional cabinets.

5. Cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

Comfort in the bedroom will help to create the right lighting and colors.

The best option for the bedroom is the purchase of multi-functional furniture.

The bedroom is the place where you directly want to take a break from the vanity of the world. Therefore, a mandatory "condition" will be:

- multifunctional furniture in which all necessary things will be stored;
- soft color palette in the interior walls and floors;
- proper lighting;
- plants are odorless;
- cute trinkets as an element of decor.

6. Order and comfort on the balcony

In the event that it is necessary to store conservation on the balcony or tools, it is enough just to build a small bookcase along one of the balcony walls with your own hands.

Plants for a balcony should be bright. Also it is necessary to cover the floor with a carpet with an average pile.

Who said that the balcony is a place to store junk? You can make this room as cozy and comfortable as possible with the help of simple but very interesting solutions and tips:

- A small seating area (for this you need only a couple of wicker chairs or small chairs and a table);
- flower garden;
- a place to store conservation and other things (use cabinets, canisters and shelves).

7. Comfort in the bathroom

It is possible to decorate a bathroom not only small details. Properly selected pieces of furniture will also give a special look.

Nice details.

Cute elements of decor - the main guarantee of a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom:

- curtain;
- mat;
- shelves;
- hooks.

8. We create coziness in the kitchen

One of the easiest options to make a kitchen cozy is to use cute attributes.

You should definitely consider that the cluttered kitchen will not be cozy. Therefore it is worth refusing a large number of various household appliances.

To create comfort in the kitchen you should use cute attributes, such as:

- A photo or picture of food;
- decorative cans for cereals;
- various shelves and cabinets;
- painted boards;
- bright napkins;
- dummies of fruit;
- magnets.