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How to equip an office at home: tips from a housewife who has made a fortune on her councils


Many people wonder whether it is possible to equip a full-fledged office at home, if there is no separate room-office, but at the same time there is an opportunity to do freelancing or in the evenings to devote time to your favorite hobby - sewing or needlework?

The answer is unequivocal - yes, there is such an opportunity. And this will help Martha Stewart Tips, an expert in the field of world-famous home economics. Following her prompts, you can find the right place for each thing and efficiently organize the space. Work will be much easier and more productive!

1. Whiteboard - perfect reminder

The whiteboard is a convenient organizer.

The whiteboard is an excellent organizer that will help you plan the day, not forget about important events, visualize the projects you are working on. Such boards can be bought in home decor stores, or you can make them yourself based on your own needs.

Boards for visualization.

The basis of the board can serve as an ordinary hardboard. For decoration, you can use a frame for a picture or from an old mirror. The board can be divided into zones, to do this, some parts can be glued with pieces of wallpaper left over from repair, painted with the effect of a slate or you can attach wooden clothespins (one side needs to be glued to the plywood board).

You can attach envelopes to the board in which you will fold small stationery items. Here you can also hang various illustrations for inspiration, favorite photos. The wall calendar on which you can write plans for the day will also be appropriate.

2. Everything that should be at hand is conveniently stored on the wall.

Board for wall storage.

Wall storage of things saves space. As we have said above, some of the things should be placed on the organizer board. You can add useful space with various hooks, magnets, railings (special bars for storing hanging objects), functional shelves.

3. Cabinets and shelves - with only small compartments.

Chest bench with storage compartments.

The size of the compartments must be chosen in accordance with the size of the things to be placed in them. In the work area there will always be a lot of small things - stationery, notebooks, books.

Compartments in the drawer for storing stationery.

For those who are engaged in needlework, the compartments will become a real find, because you can easily sort everything in its place. It is convenient to use drawers, each of which will be a sticker indicating what is inside. So you significantly reduce the time to search.

4. Retractable shelves for everything you need to hide

Sliding shelf in the cabinet for office equipment.

To use the space in the room effectively, think about where you can install sliding shelves. For example, if you equip a cabinet with a shelf, then you can safely put a printer there: you will save space, and when you need to use it, you don’t have to lift a heavy unit, it will be enough to push the shelf.

The drawers can be conveniently placed under the table in case it is long, then they will not interfere with your sitting position. In such boxes, you can hide bundles of paper, fabric cuts, catalogs and magazines.

5. Any shelves needed

Without shelves in the office can not do.

Without shelves in the organization of space - nowhere. Another question is how and where they will be located. It is best to place them at the table, not too high, so that you can easily get any thing.

On the shelves it is appropriate to store a few souvenirs for the mood.

If the shelves are old and do not look too attractive, then we advise you to update them by wrapping the ends with wallpaper or fabric or decorating using decoupage technique.

6. Decorative boxes

Decorative boxes for sorting.

Boxes of various sizes - must have in the work area. You can use ordinary cardboard products, decorating them in one color or style. It is easy to pack in the boxes everything that is usually a mountain of trash lying on the desk and next to it. For convenience, be sure to make stickers with the names of what is lying.

7. Keeping important papers and letters

Envelopes for storing important papers.

In order not to lose any important paper, you should consider the storage system. The easiest way is to use multi-colored envelopes. In yellow, for example, to make payments for light, in green - for heating, and in blue - for water. Often it is necessary to keep checks for payment of things or services, important business cards or booklets, they can also be folded in envelopes of various colors and sizes.

If you want to approach the issue in a more original way, then tubes (ordinary tea cans or cookies) or woven baskets will come to the rescue. The main thing is that you can sort all the papers and not mix them further between them.

Tubes from tin cans.

8. Order in everything, especially - in cords

Safety round cord covers

Office equipment cords should be in order. To make it easier to work with them, label each one with a small sticker. So you will not get lost, which cord to unplug from the outlet, and which - to leave.

Too long cords can be "shortened" by winding them and securing them with special clips. If you live with children, for safety reasons, hide the cords in protective round covers.

9. Mastery of Disguise

Screen-partition for zoning space.

If the working area occupies only part of the room, take care of visual zoning. You can separate the table with a high curtain-corner, which will also serve as a writing board.

Case for sewing machine.

Shelves can be closed with curtains, then they, too, will not be evident.

Blinds for masking shelves.