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Wallpaper on the ceiling, or How to properly and stylishly decorate the "roof" over your head


Almost any (even the simplest) repair starts from the ceiling, the whole interior of the room depends on its completeness, style and design. In the twenty-first century of great opportunities and a variety of finishing materials there are many ideas and options to decorate the ceiling as easily as possible, simply and with taste.

From the most simple in the form of painting and whitewashing to ultra creative in the form of suspended or stretch ceilings. But designers advise also to pay attention to the huge selection of wallpapers, thanks to which you can stylishly decorate the "roof" over your head.

1. Black ceiling in the interior

Black wallpaper on the ceiling - a non-standard solution that will attract attention, playing the main role.

Particularly noticeable effect will be in the case of using light colors for furniture and walls.

2. "Wooden" ceiling

To complement the modern interior design will be able to wooden ceiling of the wallpaper. It looks the most natural, allows you to create a warm, cozy and homely atmosphere.

3. "Flowering" ceiling

Surprisingly fresh and festive decision - wallpaper on the ceiling with the colors depicted on them.

The canvas will be appropriate for decoration of the dining room, living room, kitchen and even the nursery.

It can be both miniature flowers in gentle tones, as well as large three-dimensional images of blossoming apricot, chrysanthemums or roses on a bright background to create the effect of a blooming garden directly above your head.

4. Starry sky and clouds on the ceiling

One of the most famous ways to decorate a room is a ceiling pasted over with 3D wallpaper depicting the sky.

Ideal - ceiling with night sky, stars and the month.

5. Red ceiling - for a luxurious interior

Even the most simple paper wallpaper in red, not to mention vinyl, fabric or glossy, will help to achieve the desired effect of luxury in the interior.

Most often for decoration of premises use such shades of the red ceiling as scarlet, coral, and burgundy.

6. Green wallpaper on the ceiling in modern interiors

Poured wallpaper sage-colored ceiling for a restrained and pacifying interior, ideal for people confident and their taste.

Almost all shades of green will fit into a modern interior, but especially elegantly such ceilings will look in rooms decorated in French and classic styles.

7. Bold decision

Wall and ceiling, made in a single color palette - ideal for those who are not afraid to experiment

Do not be afraid of experiments and innovations. The modern ceiling will perfectly fit into the general interior of the room and will inspire new creations and beginnings.